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"★★★★★ ..by golly, it’s a great album, and a great indication of how far Chua has come in a few short years...It has been a long time since we heard anything this refreshing"

— Christopher Toh, TODAY Paper.

"To quote Grizz Chapman of 30 Rock “That girl has feelings.” And it’s hard not to empathize when it sounds so damn beautiful....8.5/10." 

— JamieTheSonger, AbsolutePunk.net

"All of these tracks are perfect for anyone who is a fan of a perfect combination of classic guitar playing and modern experimentation and ingenuity. And, best of all, this girl can sing." 

— Matt Garrison, The Aquarian Weekly

"Her musical gestures, if you can call them that, are easily digestible, popular if you may, but they’re just that: gestures that cloak, if not betray, a veritable depth within.

— Aldus Santos, Dig Radio Philippines

"The demunitive Inch Chua looked like a pixie on stage. In fact as she tuned her guitar, it appeared as if the instrument was bigger than her. Once the first note was played, however, the storyline was flipped. Suddenly the smallest person in the room had the biggest presense of all.

— Music Connection Magazine

"Her quirky pop suggests a strong musical intellect & a great sense for melody all wrapped in one.

— Jneels, Audio Absinthe

"This album is undoubtedly well-produced... sure to win over listeners who have been sceptical about the quality of local music... 7/10." 

— Rebecca Wai, Poached Magazine.

"Absolutely nessecary... one of the finest musical works ever produced by Singaporeans." 

— Kevin Mathews, Power Of Pop

"A remarkable display of her musicianship... Singapore’s favourite indie princess has (once again) delightfully enchanted her listeners with her songwriting prowess.

— Pandarocketship